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About Us

Soyo Sushi Catering has been creating spectacular sushi for events big and small all over the United States since early 2005. What's more important is our attention to detail and creating lasting memories with each event we cater.

We are also known for skillful presentations of nyotaimori sushi, aka body sushi or naked sushi. This traditional and exotic art was perfected by Chef Mark, earning him the title and nickname "the naked sushi king". We suggest visiting our sister site at Http://www.nyotaimoriexperience.com for more information about our nyotaimori "body" sushi experience.

So no matter what type of event you're planning, we can provide a vast array of culinary options such as; ceviche, tartare, poke, tapas, hot entrees, personal chefs, sushi and sashimi.


Top Reasons why our sushi is amazing.

People will talk about it and remember it. Having sushi catered adds a level of refinement and elegance. But not all sushi is created equally.

Chef Mark has a committment to offer sustainable seafood options for his sushi, regional ingredients, and organics when it makes sense. So you can be confident you're not only getting the best sushi, but you're getting the best quality and being a sensible sushi consumer. Remember, when it comes to sushi, it's all about the rice and fish. We're sure to deliver an memorable experience for your event.

Welcome to Our Sushi Catering site!

Our standards are high and yours should be as well.
We pride ourselves on providing unique menus and interesting cuisine while everything is handled with the utmost care and regard to food safety. We're SERVSAFE certified so you have the added piece of mind, you are using true professionals.

Please contact us for your next event. We are the traveling sushi catering company. We have done events in 13 different states since 2005. We would love to provide sushi and some of our options for your event.

Read More Also visit our sister site at http://www.thenakedsushiking.com